80% of your wrinkles comes from..

You know it!

UV Exposure Seems To Be Responsible For 80% Of Visible Facial Aging Signs

In this study, 298 Caucasian women were divided into two groups based on their history of sun exposure: either sun-seeking, or sun-phobic.

They were also graded on the four main categories of visual aging signs: wrinkles/texture, lack of firmness of skin tissue, vascular disorders, andpigmentation heterogeneities(unevenness).

The goal of the study was to determine how much of the visual signs of aging were due to sun and ultraviolet exposure as opposed to other external factors such as gravity and pollution, or lifestyle factors like diet, tobacco, illness, and stress.

The researchers found that there was a strong correlation between sun exposure and apparent age across all age groups. In particular, pigmentation disorders and wrinkles/texture are the most strongly linked to ultraviolet (UV) exposure. The conclusion:

3. Identical Twins With Significant Differences In Sun Exposure Have A Perceived Age Difference Of Over 11 Years 

This research paper presents an overview of the current literature and research on the theories of facial changes of skeleton, soft tissue, and skin over time. As such it is a robust review. But in one part of the paper focused on aging, the medical doctors discuss an example of 61 year old twins who have experienced different levels of sun exposure.

One twin had approximately 10 hours per week greater sun exposure than the other, while the later had a body mass index slightly higher than the former. The twin with greater sun exposure was perceived to be 11.25 years older.